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Manistee PBX offered action-packed activities that promote physical fitness and cooperation among peers. We strive to create unforgettable memories to share with friends and family. Our birthday parties are fantastic, with no mess left at your home! We can accommodate parties with up to 50 people comfortably. Come see why our parties rock!!

Contact us today to book a party! and check out our unbeatable prices!

Manistee PBX Escape Room

The Escape room will be open in 2 weeks. This is for ages 10 and up

New Additions

We have recently added a Trampoline to the building. For it to be used a waiver must be signed at PBX or can be download here (Signed waiver is good for 1 year). There is only one person allowed on it at a time to reduce the risk for injury.

Ninja Warrior Course

Recently added to PBX, is are brand new Ninja Warrior course. All that is needed is to have a waiver signed before using the course.

New Rules/Regulations

Walk-ins that want a table and are bringing in food or drinks will be charged a $10 table fee.

All New Lazer Tag System ----> Click Here

A few pictures for Onekama's Grad Bash of 2015

Go Carts!!!!

New to PBX are our 4 Razor Electric Go Carts.
140 lbs or under weight limit. 
Must be 8 and up and have a group of at least 3 kids.
$10 for 15 minutes.
Must have signed waiver and helmets are to be worn at all times.

New Features to PBX

We now have a Climbing Rope, Cargo Net and a Balancing Slack line. These are So Much Fun.


Manistee PBX is open the following hours:

Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 12noon - 5pm